2 more new listings. Whew!!

1939 Austin 8 - very interesting and rare automobile. Served England well during WW2.
-----1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible. A very sophisticated style for the '60s.

Posted Friday, March 26th 2010

2 New Listings - 2 Old Friends

1910 Ford Roadster - I've had this car about 6 years. Tricia and I have toured with HCCA in this car a number of times. It's a pretty quick "T" and has been extremely dependable.
-----1910 Hupmobile Runabout - Oddly, I'm just now getting around to listing the Hupp. I've owned her longer than any of the others - 25 years! I just never got digital photos till recently. I love the sporty look, and it's fun to drive, although with only 2 forward speeds, it's a little slow on hills.

Posted Friday, March 26th 2010

New Listings !!!

At Last !! I'm getting caught up......a little anyway.
-----Check out these new listings. I've had the '98 BMW Z3 and the '29 Ford Sport Coupe for a while, but the 1911 Cadillac just arrived this summer 2008.

Posted Friday, September 5th 2008

1967 Lotu Elan Coupe

Just got this. The killer British Sports Car. Dual overhead cams - super light weight body - designed to hug the road like glue. Comprehensive resto by previous owner and tweeked to perfection. VROOM!!!!!!

Posted Friday, December 8th 2006

The French Connection

1953 Citroen D 11 B
-----I've had my eyes out for a Citroen Taction Avant for many years. Finally, one came up that made sense. Sort of a '34 Ford look. Lean and low, an intriguing, mysterious sedan with a high pedigree. More info in the description section soon.

Posted Friday, December 8th 2006

Hot Red Brass Ford Special

Just bought a 1914 Ford Roadster at Hershey 2006!!!! Looks like a fire chief car to me. It has many period correct performance updates, most notably a 3 speed sliding gear transmission with a great brass era shift gate (see pics) and a Ruxtell 2 speed rear axle. More info on the performance mods in the description area when I sort it all out. It goes like the devil. WOW!!!

Posted Friday, December 8th 2006

New Listing 11/6/06 !!!!!

I'm finally getting around to updating my site. Sorry for the delay. I just purchased a 1953 Citroen which is quite a handsome car and can now be seen on the site. I have also purchased a few other cars since the last site update, and I will be listing photos of these soon. Thanks for watching.

Posted Monday, November 6th 2006

1967 Mustang new arrival

The first '60's Mustang for me. A driver, but a very pretty one. I've got lots of open cars, so this is a nice alternative for those cool summer evenings, or spring and fall afternoons.

Posted Sunday, March 19th 2006

New Listings

1/23/06 *
----- Please have a look at the new listings:
-----1929 Austin 7 Ulster -
-----1962 Studebaker -
-----1967 Austin Healey 3000 -
-----1909 Maxwell -
-----1957 MGA Roadster -
-----1965 MGB Roadster -
-----1960 Lancia Appia Vignale -
-----Baby Great Lakes Bi-Plane.
----- There are also new photos of the 1963 Ferrari and the 1946 Lincln Continental

Posted Wednesday, January 25th 2006

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