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1910 Buick Model F

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1910 Buick Model F

While still in it's fledgling years, Buick had established a reputation of building high quality, durable, and well appointed automobiles. The Model F was introduced in 1907 and enjoyed immense popularity, becoming a best seller for Buick throughout it's 4 year production run. Power is generated by an agile two cylinder gasoline engine mounted transversely under the front seat, and connected to a two speed planetary transmission. The rear wheels are driven by a single large chain. The radiator is mounted up front with the fuel tank mounted directly behind it under the hood. This style of mechanical layout was fairly common in the early days of the automobile, but by 1910 it was showing it's age and began yielding to a more modern front engine, shaft driven arrangement. In spite of it's well deserved reputation as rugged and dependable, The Model F was discontinued with 1910 being it's final year of production.
-----This well preserved example, while requiring a bit of "elbow grease" to start up, provides the driver and passenger alike with a surprisingly fast ride into the world of motoring one century ago.

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