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1910 Hupmobile 20 Runabout

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1910 Hupmobile 20 Runabout

The Hupmobile Model 20 is a two-seater runabout powered by a 2.8 litre four cylinder engine with high tension magneto and a two-speed sliding gear transmission. It was shown at the Detroit Auto Show in February 1909 and was sold as a competitor to the Model T Ford. Designed by Hupp and E. A. Nelson, it sold well and between March and December 1909 a total of 1618 cars had been delivered.
-----After working at the Oldsmobile, Ford and Regal factories, Robert Craig Hupp (1876-1931) founded the Hupp Motor Car Company in Detroit in 1908.
-----There was a Model 20 Hupp that made history with a significant promotional round-the-world tour. Starting November 10, 1910, and returning to Detroit on January 24, 1912, the world traveling Hupp visited 26 countries and traveled 49,000 miles.
-----Horseless carriages of the vintage of this 1910 Hupmobile became obsolete quickly as a result of numerous major improvements in the emerging automobile industry. Soon cars were available with electric headlights (these acetylene gas lights had to be lighted with a match). By 1912 there were even cars with self starters that virtually did away with the hand crank. Obsolescence resulted in a high rate of scrapping for earlier cars. A total of 5240 Model 20 Hupmobiles were built. Selling price was $750.

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