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1955 Aristocraft Torpedo

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1955 Aristocraft Torpedo

AristoCraft started manufacturing boats in 1946 with five employees at a downtown Atlanta location. At that time, they were making open fishing-type boats, but other models soon followed in 1947. First, a 12' 2-Seat runabout called the Typhoon was introduced, followed by a 13' 4-seat Torpedo with a barrel stern. In the late 1940's, a few racing boats were produced, some of which were hydroplanes and a bullet-nosed boat called the racing Smoo. In 1954, a new model, the 13' Seaflash was introduced. This sporty craft featured a flashy 2-seat design with a raised cowling and fins. The Torpedo was also stretched to a 14' length at this time.
----- During 1955 and 1956, varnish was phased out and epoxy coatings were used. Production during these years was at such a high, an innovative conveyor-belt assembly line was utilized. Capable of producing a boat every 15 minutes, it often ran around the clock. Production remained at an all-time high with over 20,000 outboard boats being produced. The wooden boat era came to an end in 1959 with the change over to fiberglass boat manufacturing which continued from 1959 untill 1979.

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