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1953 MG TD

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1953 MG TD

There were virtually no sports cars in the United States in the decades preceding WWII. That all changed dramatically at the conclusion of the war. American soldiers stationed in the UK had discovered what the English had known for years. The MG !! They were tiny, uncomfortable, slow, and often extremely cold and wet, but on an uncrowded winding country road - - - they were just plain FUN to drive.
-----MG TC's were first to arrive with returning GI's, but after several years were replaced by the more refined MG TD. Sporting a new independent front suspension to replace the solid beam axle of earlier models, smaller 15" wheels, and wider tires, the TD, at first frowned upon by MG purists, proved to be faster, safer, more rugged, and better suited to American driving styles. With a slightly lower stance and greater cockpit width, the TD nevertheless retained the classic look of the T series while offering left hand drive. The MGTD was an instant success, and with some 23,000 sold in the US before it's replacement by the TF, it almost single handedly started the sports car boom in America that is still going strong today.

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